GS-51-ImageWe have an extensive range of high quality C.N.C machinery including Hardinge, Schaublin, Colchester, Bridgeport and Mikron. We machine a great variety of materials ranging from aluminium, brass, mild and chromium steels to stainless steels and inconel.

D & S Engineering has recently purchased three brand new Mikron HEM 500U 5 axis machines which will allow us to increase our productivity workflow and have a higher level of accuracy.

Mikron five axis machinery?

The Mikron family of five axis machinery has the ability to machine numerous shapes and surfaces in just one chucking due to its 5-side technology.

This 5-side machining is advantageous for both small and large components and delivers the highest possible accuracy due to the direct measuring system in all five axes.

The Mikron machining centres come equipped with a newly developed rotary tiling table allowing for rigidity and versatility and is the ergonomic answer to the standard production of precision parts in prototyping and single parts to small batch series productions.

Mikron core features:

  • Cartesian (rectangular) alignment of the axes - results in coherent tool/workpiece movement during the milling process
  • Direct measuring on the B and C-axis
  • Two-sided access for easy working area cleaning
  • Possible to load tools parallel to Milling
  • Optimal chip removal due to ideal work area design

We have invested in three different sizes of Mikron ,the HEM 200u, the Mikron 500u & the Mikron 700u