D & S Engineering specialise in producing complex components to the aircraft and defence industry on the latest C.N.C machinery which includes lathes and three, four and five axis C.N.C machining centres. We cannot show the most complex parts that we machine, due to the confidential nature of the product.

We offer complete management over sub-contract processes, including Alochrom, Surtec 650, Anodising, Painting & heat treatment.

As a family run business, we pride ourselves on offering a highly personalised service tailored to customer requirements. Our clients value our close relationship and expertise in aiding the design of their products when required, whilst our regular face to face meetings helps to fully understand the their requirements.

Components-by-DS-EngineeringOur highly skilled, motivated and friendly team, with many years experience are always ready to offer help to all of our clients. With our excellent reputation we aim to achieve complete quality assurance to the highest standards at all times.